When it hits the scan....

Claire Henry, records manager at Elkington and Fife talks to Legal Practice Management magazine about her experience of working with EzeScan to create an online filing system to help deliver competitive benefits to clients.

Claire was tasked with reviewing the systems and processes at Elkington and Fife and discovered that one of their biggest outlays was physical file storage and by getting rid of it they could save £40,000 a year.  The solution from EzeScan offered a fast return on investment and the company have already saved £20,000 in the first year.

However, cost savings aren’t the only benefit that the Elkington and Fife have experienced since implementing the EzeScan solution as they have also been able to become more competitive as they can now offer a much faster and efficient service to their customers.  Fee earning staff are able to work remotely without having to carry heavy files so can be much more responsive to their customers.

Additionally, with the new GDPR regulations coming into force they will also benefit from reduced compliance costs as storing physical files will become very expensive from May 2018.

The EzeScan solution is saving Elkington and Fife an enormous amount of time and effort, which translates into a higher quality service – which, in turn, benefits their clients by helping make their business more competitive.

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