EzeScan Update

January 2009

Support Update - EzeScan 4.2.19 - New Livelink EDRMS Connector!

Happy New Year! Welcome to the January edition of our Newsletter.

In this edition we talk about our new LiveLink connector, plus some more new EzeScan EDRMS enhancements. These enhancements save indexing time and improve scanning processes.

Please feel free to contact us if you require further information or would like a demonstration on the items below.

Latest News

New Livelink Connector

EzeScan has added the OpenText Livelink ECM product to it's list of supported EDRMS solutions. We have provided a native integration where EzeScan can utilise a profile card or bypass the profile card and upload directly into Livelink. The integration requires no programming or customisation by the customer.

New EDRMS Features in EzeScan 4.2.19

eDOCS (Hummingbird)

- EzeScan KFI now has two way communication with an eDOCS server during indexing. EzeScan can lookup any eDOCS field or custom field. e.g. Author, Doctype etc.

- EzeScan can now save documents into the eDOCS 6.04 File Plan. This means that the operator can browse the File Plan, or different batch jobs can be preset to save into different File Plan folders.


-EzeScan now has an Objective search form. This has greatly improved operating indexing time as they can now search, from within EzeScan, for the respective file or folder that the scanned document will be saved to.

- EzeScan can also inherit metadata from a parent File or Folio. This saves indexing time for the operator as the information already resides on the server so there is no point re-keying it!


- EzeScan UPLOAD can now automatically check the SharePoint server for all available fields for the selected content type. This saves time when configuring an UPLOAD job to SharePoint as the operator does not need to investigate the field names, syntaxes etc.


- EzeScan can now create a container and then place the scanned document into that container. If the container has mandatory fields EzeScan can now create the container, populate the mandatory fields for the container and then place the scanned document into that container.

- EzeScan can now automatically search for a container and place the scanned document into it. i.e. if the operator specifies a container name of "SMITH S" EzeScan will search for this container, if it exists the document will be placed in the container; if it doesn't, EzeScan will create the container and then place the document into it.

This means the operator doesn't need to manually search to see if the container exists and if not exist they have to create it. EzeScan will perfom these tasks automatically.



EzeScan will be speaking and will be showcasing our PRO and SERVER TRIM integration at the TRIM User Forum. We will be at Stand no.1 so please come over and say hello. More information on the TRIM user forum can be found here.

New FAQ's

FAQ 90

How to use multi feed sheet detection with EzeScan

FAQ 91

How to configure EzeScan with Objective Wintalk

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