EzeScan ‘Draws in the crowds!’ at CeBIT 2012

EzeScan recently exhibited at CeBIT 2012 at Darling Harbour.  This is our 8th year at CeBIT with our biggest and best stand to date. With a great location and an eye catching design, EzeScan attracted over 400 visitors who sat through our 20 minute live product demonstrations. Great interest was shown in our Invoice Data Capture solutions, especially our new LINE ITEMS module functionality. We enjoyed catching up with many existing clients and had a great time talking to everyone about their scanning needs.


EzeScan Trekkers stepping out to raise money again for Oxfam!

On the 15th of June; Mike, Keith and Rhys from EzeScan will join up with Michael from SAP to walk the 2012 Oxfam Trailwalker 100km Brisbane Teams Challenge.  All 4 team members are tasked with walking 100km each, with the team goal of getting all 4 people across the finish line. Aside from the serious physical and mental challenges that this presents, the team are really trying to raise as much money for Oxfam as they possibly can. The team has a $30.00 iTunes card prize draw for people that donate $10.00 or more to Team 347 EzeScan Trekkers on the website page


EzeScan has offered to match private donations dollar for dollar so each dollar donated by you could be twice as effective! (*Some conditions do apply – available on request).

If you can donate, don’t be shy; tell us who you are so we can thank you.  You can also leave us messages of encouragement & inspiration on the donations web page.

The team blog makes interesting reading if you want to see what the team has been preparing for during the last 4 months.


Thanks from the team on behalf of Oxfam.


What’s New?

With EzeScan 4.2.205 we are proud to announce the release of a new EzeScan Integration, a new EzeScan Module and more EzeScan features and product enhancements.

Civica Integration – The wait is over! EzeScan now provides native integration for Civica Authority. 

LINE ITEMS Module – The release of the new EzeScan ‘LINE ITEMS’ Capture Module offers significant enhancement to EzeScan’s existing Invoice Data Capture solution.

New Features And Enhancements – This includes saved Scanner Profiles, new EDRMS features and KFI Field Case Processing.


New EzeScan Integration – CIVICA AUTHORITY

One of the largest time wasters for any organisation is the re-keying of existing data buried somewhere in their Information Systems.

When scanning documents with EzeScan, Civica Authority customers can now browse Civica Authority registers on the fly and automatically populate metadata fields of scanned documents before they are sent to HP TRIM or any of our supported EDRMS systems.

For example; A council Records Officer processing incoming correspondence with EzeScan can seamlessly apply an ‘Author’ from the ‘Name and Address Register’ and set a Parcel Number from the CIVICA Property module and then upload this as metadata information with the document into their EDRMS.

For Civica Authority customers seeking more efficient methods of handling large volumes of documents, EzeScan enables them to scan and process paper-based forms, documents and invoices at speeds previously unattainable.


New EzeScan Module – LINE ITEMS

The new EzeScan ‘LINE ITEMS’ module along with EzeScan ‘DISCOVERY’ module utilises EzeScan’s ‘Smart Template’ technology to automatically search and capture key information on documents such as invoices on the fly.

Output scanned images can be automatically uploaded to supported EDRMS/ECM systems. The captured invoice metadata can be output for upload to finance and other line of business applications.

EzeScan continues to offer the most cost effective invoice data capture solution available today in Australia.  With the inclusion of line item capture EzeScan offers a high end solution without the high end price tag.

Call us to arrange a product demonstration. See how we can help you further reduce the valuable time and money you are spending on manual data entry.


New Features in EzeScan – SCANNER PROFILES

Traditionally, documents with variable scanner setting requirements would have to be broken up into individual components to be scanned as separate jobs, wasting valuable time configuring the scanner and then scanning the individual documents.

For example; the first part of a document may require scanning in simplex, A4, B&W with fixed thresholding.  The second part may require scanning in duplex, A5, B&W with dynamic thresholding.  The third part may require duplex, auto colour detection, auto paper size detection. Previously you would have had to create 3 separate scanner jobs. Now you can easily configure this in 1 scan job with 3 profiles.

The combination of EzeScan Scanner Profiles with any TWAIN, ISIS or WIA compliant scanner will help our customers further simplify their scanning workflows, allowing them to confidently handle any scanning challenges they might be faced with.


New Features and Enhancements

Please Note: New Features and Enhancements are available to all EzeScan customers on software maintenance agreements.  If you want to utilise any of the new functionality please download the latest EzeScan software form http://www.ezescan.com.au/downloads . You will need to use your customer login details.

New EDRMS Features

Livelink ECM

  • EzeScan now supports browsing Binder type objects.

  • EzeScan can now populate the Nickname field.


  • Documents can now be stored by either a File Series Number or by a Folder / File Number.

  • EzeScan can now inherit catalogue data from a user’s catalogue and apply it to the uploaded document.

  • The Objective connector now supports searching for a File or Folder using a metadata field in EzeScan UPLOAD. If it does not exist EzeScan will create the File or Folder and then save the document into it.


  • People and Group Lookups – EzeScan operators can now browse SharePoint Users and Groups and then apply the data to a column value in SharePoint.


  • EzeScan now supports WorkSite 9.0

  • Additional property support - EzeScan now supports populating WorkSite Additional Properties using the UPLOAD module. WorkSite additional properties can be viewable or hidden properties that may need to be used with other systems. E.g. Workflow engines.

  • Documents can now be declared as a Record.

New Enhancements

Kodak Scanners

  • EzeScan has included an option to set the roller timeout on Kodak scanners; this allows jobs to be customised with different timeouts allowing flexibility for the operator to load the next batch of documents before the rollers stop.

KFI Field Case Processing

  • When using the Zone OCR Pen on a document with uppercase characters the operator can now use a shortcut key to automatically convert the text to lowercase. This is a great option for customers that do not allow titling in uppercase and it saves them having to either retype the title or manually format it. Please upgrade your EzeScan and refer to the shortcut keys document.



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