Support Update - EzeScan 4.2.78 - New EDRMS Plugin, SharePoint 2010 Support + Many Enhancements

Hello! Welcome to the March edition of our newsletter. It has been a very busy start to the year here at EzeScan - we have added another EDRMS connector to our suite, continued work on our accounts payable solution with solutions involving Peoplesoft and the Authority product from Civica. We are also working very hard with EzeScan development to make EzeScan even easier to use for our end users. Please watch this space for updates.

Latest News

DocuWare EDRMS Connector

- EzeScan is proud to announce a new connector for our popular EDRMS suite. DocuWare Ltd is an EDRMS solution with a large world-wide installation base. It focuses on both document and records management. Outback Imaging has developed a connector to allow native integration into this EDRMS solution.

TRIM User Forum 23 (TUF 23)

- EzeScan is a Gold Sponsor at this year's TUF23 event in Sydney. This is a great opportunity for the TRIM community to gather and discuss what they have been up to and what is going on in the TRIM world. We will be speaking on day 1 (3:30 PM) and will be presenting our solution suite at stand 12. Please do come over to say hello!

New Features in EzeScan 4.2.78

Outback Imaging has made several improvements to the KFI module to make document automation workflows even easier to deploy and manage.


- Major speed improvements have been made to the Discovery module. When processing multiple fields with Discovery, EzeScan now caches the OCR results and re-uses them. This saves significant operator time, as each field does not need to be individually OCRed.

Beep on Exception

- EzeScan can be configured to beep when a KFI exception occurs. This is very handy for those semi-automated jobs that an operator may not be attending. When an exception occurs, e.g. OCR confidence level too low, OMR group error or a database validation failure, EzeScan will beep alerting the operator to attend to the problem.

Database Failure lookup

- If a database lookup fails, e.g. an ABN number not found or validation has failed on a scanned invoice against a database, EzeScan will automatically popup a search screen where the operator can search by custom set fields (e.g ABN, Supplier Name, etc). This saves the operator having to open the other application in a separate window to look for the information, as it can all be done from EzeScan.

New EDRMS Features in EzeScan 4.2.78


- EzeScan has developed a new connector into DocuWare. It supports functionality like file cabinets, cabinet lookup list fields, and all file cabinet custom metadata. Please contact us if you would like more information or a demo of this integration.


- EzeScan KFI / UPLOAD has added support to browse Objective Electronic Objects (eob objects) and be applied to the saved Document.


- EzeScan now supports SharePoint 2010. We have carried over functionality from the SharePoint 2007 connector. Please contact us if you would like more information or a demo of this integration.


- EzeScan UPLOAD now has more functionality with creating containers with GGGGGG record numbering types. EzeScan can search for the supplied Container Record Number, if found the image will be saved to the container, if not EzeScan will create the container, set metadata on it and then save the image into the container. This has helped customers as they have not needed to have another 3rd party application or workflow to do this. Please contact us if you would like more information or a demo of this integration.

New FAQ's

FAQ 104

How to enable debug for EzeScan SERVER

FAQ 105

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