EzeScan Update

May 2009


Support Update - EzeScan 4.2.33 - Introducing Forms Recognition and InfoXpert Support.


Hello! Welcome to the May edition of our Newsletter.

EzeScan is proud to announce that we have now included support for the Infovision InfoXpert EDRMS system.

EzeScan now has a new Forms Recognition module, this will give our customers the ability to have EzeScan do sorting of different forms into their respective EzeScan jobs so they can be processed accordingly.

In this edition we also talk about our new enhancements applied for DocuShare, eDOCS, Objective, HP TRIM and WorkSite.

Please feel free to contact us if you require any information or an online demonstration of the EzeScan suite and the new items discussed below.


Latest News

Forms Recognition

EzeScan can now help automate processes further by completing the sorting of a customers forms. For example, a customer may have twenty different types of forms that require to be scanned and indexed. Without the forms module the operator would need to pre-sort the forms, and then scan them in separate stacks.

With the forms recognition module EzeScan can now detect the type of form and send the image to it's respective EzeScan job for processing.

Infovision 8.0 Support

InfoXpert is a web based EDRMS solution that specialise in document, records and content management. EzeScan have developed a connector which allows an operator to browse and upload into the InfoXpert EDRMS. If you are looking at this system or currently utilise it, please give us a call or email to arrange a demo.

New EDRMS Functonality in EzeScan 4.2.33


- Upload DocuShare Connector. When an Object Type has been selected, clicking the Auto Populate button will automatically add all of the Custom Fields from that Object type to the Uploads fields listing. The required field data type and field length are imported from DocuShare.

- KFI DocuShare Connector. There is now a new Admin, KFI field Properties from, DocuShare tab, checkbox option called