An update from the Team at EzeScan!

A recent count of scanners in our Brisbane R&D test lab has revealed that we have 34 different document scanners available in-house for development and testing purposes.

These include scanners from companies such as Avision, Canon, Colortrac, Epson, Fujitsu, HP and Kodak.  

Ranging from entry level $600+ low volume to $10,000+ high volume production document scanners.

We constantly endeavour to make EzeScan compatible with as many scanner brands and models as we can, in order to give our customers access to a much wider range of scanning features and functionality not supported by other software.

Having access to the same scanners used by our customers is also of great assistance to our support team when attempting to resolve customer scanning issues.

Mike Kirkby - CEO EzeScan


What’s new in our latest release?

With EzeScan 4.2.257 we have released the following featues and enhancements:

New Features and Enhancements

Please Note: New Features and Enhancements are available to all EzeScan customers on software maintenance agreements.  If you want to utilise any of the new functionality please download the latest EzeScan software from You will need to use your customer login details. If you do not have a login please register at

  • Server 2012 Certified - EzeScan has officially passed the Microsoft Windows Server 2012 certification test. This is great news for our customers who are early adopters of new Microsoft technologies. At the same time we are continuing to support earlier version of Desktop Windows such as XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Server Windows like Windows Server 2008, 2008R2.

  • ISIS Network scanning support  - EzeScan has extended its ISIS scanner driver support to include using remote scanners hosted on an ISIS Network Server. This provides an economical way to share a physical scanner between 2 workstations. Simply place the scanner on a desk between 2 workstations. Connect the scanner to 1 of the workstation PC’s. Install and configure the ISIS Network Server application on that 1st PC to share the scanner. Then  on the 2nd Workstation PC just simply configure the scanner to use the  networked scanner being hosted on the 1st PC. It’s simple to setup and makes it easy to share any scanner between 2 or more workstations running EzeScan. Please note that not all Scanner models support ISIS network scanning.
  • Job Button Count – EzeScan Folder processing jobs can display a count of the number of documents that are in its respective import folder. This will inform the operator on how many documents are in the queue to be processed. This makes it much easier for an operator to see if work is queued against an exception processing job, without having to run the job.

  • Faster Colour Image Processing – Image cleanup has been dramatically improved, especially for colour batches.  EzeScan has introduced updated methods on image cleanup and stopped unnecessary cleanup on pages when not required. Saving speeds for colour pages has also been significantly improved. The net result is dramatically faster colour image processing.
  • IMAP Email Import Support - EzeScan has added IMAP Email import functionality. Along with existing POP3 support this provides our users the ability to download and register emails. In addition both IMAP and POP3 now support enhanced security options for implicit/explicit SSL/TLS.  This provides even more secure methods of importing documents from your corporate or third party email servers.

EDRMS Specific Features

    EzeScan now supports HP TRIM 7.31 (x86 and x64).
    Container searching has been improved. Instead of displaying the My Containers screen, EzeScan can display a TRIM client screen making it easier to search for a container.
  • Civica Authority
    EzeScan now supports Civica Authority 6.7. This also includes support for Windows 7.
  • Laserfiche
    EzeScan is qualified with the Laserfiche 9 EDRMS solution.
  • Microsoft SharePoint
    EzeScan now supports both SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 365.
  • Docuware 6
    EzeScan now supports Docuware 6.
  • eDocs
    eDocs 5 users can now have the document trustees setting set to inherit the profile forms default security settings.