Support Update - EzeScan 4.2.61 - Windows 7 Support Available

Hello! Welcome to the November edition of our Newsletter.

In EzeScan 4.2.61 we have implemented coloured job button interface, added MICR barcode support and enhancements to our UPLOAD module.

We are also proud to announce that EzeScan is tested and supported with the new Microsoft Windows 7 Operating System.

We wish you all the best heading into the holiday season, keep an eye out for our next update in January 2010.

Latest News

Coloured Job Button Interface

The EzeScan job button interface can now have different colours applied to each job button. This is in response to feedback from customers, so workflows can have different colours in day-to-day business and also user workflows can be customised so scanning jobs are individual colours.

Welcome to our new Support team member

To maintain our high level of support to our growing customer base, we welcome Ming Yap on board as part of our NSW operation. Ming brings us many years of experience in the document scanning and EDRMS industry, specialising in WorkSite. Please join us in welcoming Ming to our team.

New Features in EzeScan 4.2.61

MICR Support

- EzeScan has added support for the MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) font. This enables cheques to be scanned and EzeScan can pickup the MICR data.

Upload to FTP

- EzeScan now has FTP as an available upload repository. This is a good option for large customer sites that have a segmented scanning solution when scanning/indexing is done at the interstate offices and OCR/Upload is performed at the head office. The interstate offices can have EzeScan run as a scheduled task to upload the days indexing/image data to the head office outside of business hours. EzeScan SERVER will then pickup the data, convert to searchable PDF and upload to the final repository.

Improved lookups

- EzeScan KFI has the ability to perform a lookup back to a text file database, we have now simplified creating and maintaining these databases with the new Lookup editor. The Lookup editor provides a simple and convenient way to create new database lookups during KFI setup. Text lookups can be shared between KFIs and no longer require an ODBC connection.

Using a lookup is a great way to speed up the indexing process. Complex business information can easily be retrieved rather than having the operator type the information out every time.


- EzeScan SERVER can now route the original document, allowing for more image/document output types (e.g. JPG, PNG, BMP). This gives EzeScan SERVER the ability to work with even more 3rd party scanners and software systems.

New EDRMS Features in EzeScan 4.2.61


- EzeScan now has RM support for browsing the File Plan to the KFI Folder Browse lookup.


- EzeScan now contains a Lookup list filter to help browse through large lookup lists.

New FAQ's

FAQ 101

How to Patch EzeScan

FAQ 102

How to Hotfix EzeScan

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