EzeScan continues to make life easier for its users!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of our customers around the world!

We hope you are enjoying using EzeScan and that each day it makes a difference to how your business deals with the many different types of paper based information entering your organisation.

Our focus continues to be on our customer requirements and creating great software that makes document scanning easy. We aim to make EzeScan feature rich, yet easy to configure and simple to operate.

EzeScan continues to evolve and we are constantly adding new features and enhancements.  We place a big emphasis on maintaining backward compatibility for our existing customers to ensure that you can easily upgrade to our latest product release at any time.

We always enjoy hearing from you face to face (onsite, tradeshows) or via email or social media. Your feedback and comments are greatly appreciated as they help us focus on what's really important to you.

Our dedicated team look forward to continuing our relationships with you in 2013

Wishing you and your family a safe and happy holiday.

Mike Kirkby - CEO EzeScan


What’s new in our latest release?

With EzeScan 4.2.230 we have released improved image clean-up / enhancement processing, better Q/A on larger batches, more powerful email import features, faster PDF creation and much more!

New Features and Enhancements

Please Note: New Features and Enhancements are available to all EzeScan customers on software maintenance agreements.  If you want to utilise any of the new functionality please download the latest EzeScan software form http://www.ezescan.com.au/downloads. You will need to use your customer login details.

  • Windows 8 Compatibility - EzeScan has now passed the Microsoft Windows 8 Compatibility Tests. EzeScan is also still compatible with Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista.
  • Image Enhancement Profiles - we’ve added the ability to create multiple enhancement profiles within a job. A different enhancement profile can be assigned to scanning, import folder and import file modes. Viewing also now has its own enhancement profile. By default a profile called ‘Default’ is assigned as the enhancement profile for scanning, import folder, import file and viewing. This can then be disabled in each mode by selecting ‘None’, or simply set to another custom enhancement profile name.
  • Better Image Splitting – Have you ever needed or wanted to split images in half or thirds? EzeScan now supports splitting an image into N rows and N columns. We allow each column or row to be individually sized based on a percentage of the original image height and width. This is ideal for splitting fan-folded or booklet documents into a multipage TIF or PDF.
  • Custom Page Numbering – We now support the ability to write a customised page number onto a scanned image using the Mark-up options. The audit stamp text values can now contain system and KFI placeholder values. It is now possible to stamp page numbers based on an offset number plus the page number in the batch (e.g. = <<Page Offset Field Value>>+<<PAGENBR>>)
  • More Accurate Invoice Processing - ABN searching now includes modulo checking to ensure that the only valid ABN numbers are found.
  • Viewer Speed Improvements - Faster QA on large colour batches. For example rotate pages using F11 and F12 shortcut keys now works much faster. Deleting pages performance has also been improved.
  • Improved Email Import Functionality – There is now an option to import an email in an .eml file format.  We now support the use of an optional third party eml converter (Total Mail Converter Pro) from CoolUtils to convert an .eml file message body and its attachments (TIF, PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLSX, XLSX) to a multi-page PDF file.  At this stage we don’t plan to include the CoolUtils converter as part of the EzeScan Install CD, so if you want to use it, the  CoolUtils Total Mail Converter Pro can be purchased separately from their website at www.coolutils.com.
  • Fujitsu Scanner ‘Out Of Memory’ Fixed – the latest release of EzeScan includes a fix for the Fujitsu ‘Out Of Memory’ errors that may occur when scanning in colour in Memory Transfer mode (MT) with Auto Paper Sizing enabled. If you have a Fujitsu 5650C, 5750C, 6670 or 6770 scanner we recommend you upgrade to version 4.2.228 or higher.
  • KFI Template definer – reorder zones using the 132 button now locks zone positions to stop zones being accidentally moved during the reorder selection process.
  • Faster OCR in EzeScan Server – A new option has to been added to Server to configure the OCR engine for faster processing.
  • Faster PDF Creation - There has been a small performance improvement to the code that creates Image Only PDFs.

EDRMS Specific FeaturesHP TRIM

  • 64 bit support is now available
  • Version 7.3 is supported


  • You can now leave the workflow slip name blank when starting an upload
  • Added Create Missing Folder setting to Objective upload. Some customers like EzeScan to automatically search for the parent file / folder instead of browsing for it. If it does not exist, EzeScan will create it before the document is uploaded. This option can be used to force the upload to fail when searching for the parent folder/file can’t be found, that way the operator can create it themselves.

Open Text

  • EzeScan has now been tested and certified against eDocs 5.3.1.
  • Upload date fields now support the date format YYYY-MM-DD.
  • Livelink Integration Improvements – Improved performance of upload functionality for detecting parent folder/document.


  • We have added Taxonomy support to our upload connector.
  • Cloud based customers can now use EzeScan to scan images into SharePoint Online.
  • EzeScan can now launch a SharePoint workflow when a scanned document is stored into SharePoint.


  • It is now possible to configure available views, and the default field for each view, to display when using the KFI field “Search Indexes” browse option.
  • It is now possible to add multiple search criteria when searching for indexes. 
  • Documents can now be locked when using Upload.
  • Documents can have action tasks assigned to them


  • Connector supports saving into multi-level sub folders.
  • Connector can now inherit the Class and SubClass from the parent folder.