Home Loan Lender scans loan applications with EzeScan
A Home Loan Lender was faced with processing loan applications. Each application consists of about 25 separate sections. The Home Loan Lender already had an efficient paper based system, but with the growth of their business the shear volume of paper requiring storage was starting to take over the office floor space. The company decided to implement an EDMS (Electronic Document Management System) to solve the problem of dealing with paper documents.
Electricity Supplier extracts data from account application forms
An Australian Energy Supply Company was faced with processing customer service forms that it had sent out to clients. These forms included Rebate Applications forms (1 page) and Automatic Payment forms (1 page). The company already had an efficient paper based data entry system, but with the growth of their business the sheer volume of paper requiring data entry was starting to become a problem. The company decided to migrate it’s paper based data entry operation over onto a an electronic image forms processing solution. This would allow them to scan all incoming forms, and then extract from each scanned image the relevant data required by the backend systems.
Hotel simplifies its group reservation booking process
A large Hotel Chain was faced with processing 250+ reservation faxes and 250+ reservation emails per day. Incoming faxes and emails were printed and then processed using a manual system of in trays and boxes. Processing each document included physically rubber-stamping documents as received and then faxing that hardcopy back to the sending party. Hardcopy documents were moved around by hand during the process. EzeScan was the solution.
UK Police using EzeScan with HP TRIM
This case study describes how a UK police force used EzeScan and HP TRIM to digitize a large volume of paper records and make them available to the organization.
UK Council saves space, cost and time with EzeScan
This London Borough encompasses a large part of inner London. With a population of approximately 200,000, the council is home to sprawling street markets, major tourist attractions, shopping malls & transport hubs. In common with all local government organisations, the Council faces many financial pressures. It therefore outlined ‘The Council Plan’, a three-year programme to cut costs of around £80-90 million, which includes moving most of its staff to a single building complex over the next few years. In preparation for the move, the Council faced one big problem – paper.
Implementing Electronic Health Records with EzeScan
The change to an effective Electronic Records System is often easily within reach of departments, but often resistance is encountered because it can threaten the usual way of doing things, with which people are familiar and comfortable. Guidance and coaching is often the key to assimilate and nurture these transitions along the way. Douglas Brand of Bosoco Ltd. takes us through some ways that technologies such as those available from Ezescan might alleviate the issues that come across the desk of a typical medical environment each and every day.