Capture data once, reuse many times!

EzeScan provides you the ability to push your valuable data into your line of business applications using our integrations or your own. EzeScan provides out of the box integration with many popular EDRM systems.

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EzeScan creates images + metadata for every document processed.

Images can be created in any of the following output file formats

  • TIF
  • PDF
  • PDF/A-1a (Image + Text Searchable)
  • PDF/A-1b (Image Only)
  • JPEG
  • PNG formats.

Metadata can be output in custom txt, csv or xml format so it can be sent to any legacy system.

Use your legacy systems import tool to pull the images + metadata into your legacy system.

Or use EzeScan’s builtin UPLOAD connector to push images + metadata into any of the supported backend systems.

To find out what systm connectors UPLOAD currently supports click here.

As vendors update their platform software releases, EzeScan updates these connectors.

As a result Customers don’t have to rely on third party companies to create expensive one off connectors.

If your system isn't on the list above, simply use our Plugin SDK to build your own output connector for EzeScan.

Either way we've got you covered.