Support Update - EzeScan 4.2.68 - Announcing 1300 EZE SCAN

Hello! Welcome to the first EzeScan Newsletter for 2010. We hope you have had a great festive season and we look forward to working with you this year.

In EzeScan 4.2.68 we have made major enhancements to our colour scanning and image enhancement functionality. We have also implemented some new EDRMS features to help assist our customers streamline their scan & indexing workflows. Details blow.

Latest News


We can now be contacted within Australia by dialing 1300 EZE SCAN (1300 393 722) This new service will get you in contact with the staff member you need quickly and fuss-free.

Updated EzeScan Installer

We have updated our installer. This means that if you are on EzeScan version 4.2.65 or below and are required to upgrade or patch EzeScan you will be required to install this new installer first.

Please note: We only recommend upgrading EzeScan if you are experiencing technical difficulties or require new functionality. Please contact your reseller support channel or us for any assistance with regards to upgrading your EzeScan installation.

Colour Scanning Enhancements

EzeScan 4.2.68 contains significant improvements for customers performing high volumes of colour scanning and enhancements of the images (e.g. rotating pages). We have performed many tests on different operating systems using different hardware. We have have also updated our minimum PC requirements.

New Features in EzeScan 4.2.68

AUDIT Module

- EzeScan AUDIT now supports Oracle Databases. This allows our customers with Oracle as their choosen database to store all scanning / indexing statistics and use our Audit Reporting tool to later access this information.


- EzeScan KFI can now be configured to ignore a group of fields based on whether another field is blank. This will save the operator having to manually skip through the fields as they are not applicable.

For example: A donation form might contain options for postal or email confirmation for the receipt. If postal confirmation is ticked, all the email confirmation fields will be ignored. If email confirmation is ticked, all the postal confirmation fields will be ignored.

Scanner Support

- Outback Imaging has obtained a new Canon DR9050C (replaces the DR9080C) in our test lab and are happy to say that it has passed our QA testing and is fully supported with EzeScan 4.2.68.

New EDRMS Features in EzeScan 4.2.68


- EzeScan now has the ability to browse the Trustees during KFI indexing and then apply these trustee settings to the saved document.


- EzeScan can now create up to 9 levels of sub-folders (with Attributes) beneath the Livelink upload folder. If a folder with the same name already exists EzeScan will use the existing folder. On successful completion of the upload the document will be placed within the lowest level sub folder.

For example, the upload folder is named "Accounts" and the image needs to be stored into Accounts\2009. If the 2009 folder does not exist, EzeScan will create it and then store the image in the 2009 folder.


- EzeScan now has the ability to browse Objective Keywords and then apply the selected keyword as metadata to the saved document.

New FAQ's

FAQ 52 (updated)

Minimum requirements for EzeScan

FAQ 103

TWAIN 7000 error in EzeScan

Contact Us Details

AUS Phone: +61 1300 393 722

UK Phone: +44 020 7244 6271


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