Your MFP just got smarter with EzeScan's Ricoh Capture App!

Your Ricoh MFD just got Smarter!

Digitally transform your business with EzeScan intelligent capture and your Ricoh multi-function device. EzeScan’s new Capture App is now available for Ricoh MFD’s using Smart Panel Interface and EzeScan WebApps Remote Indexing Assistant. With the minimum of keystrokes, you can effortlessly capture and register both your hardcopy and digital born documents, directly into your corporate systems, automatically initiating your business processes faster!

EzeScan intelligent capture solution for Ricoh MFD’s allows your staff to capture, register and initiate a business process accurately and effortlessly, anytime and anywhere! From your “Digital Dashboard” you can simply select the kind of document you wish to capture and EzeScan uniquely aligns the business process with the way the document is captured and how it moves through your business. More importantly your documents will be named correctly, distributed, workflowed, filed and seamlessly uploaded into your corporate business systems. With EzeScan and your Ricoh MFD, your organisation just got a whole lot smarter!