One of the largest time wasters in the digitisation process is the manual re-keying of existing data already stored in existing information systems. EzeScan addresses this problem for Civica Authority customers by providing a seamless integration with the Civica Authority Registers.

When scanning documents with EzeScan, Civica Authority customers can browse Civica Authority Property and Rating Registers on the fly and automatically populate metadata fields before they are sent to the EDRMS.

For example; A council Records Officer processing incoming correspondence with EzeScan can seamlessly apply an ‘Author’ from the ‘Name and Address Register’, set a Parcel Number from the CIVICA Property module and then upload this as metadata along with the document into their EDRMS.

Civica Authority Modular Design

Supported Civica Authority modules 

  • Property
  • Infringements
  • Applications & Registers
  • Rates
  • Animals
  • Water Billing
  • Name & Address Register

Deployment & Licensing

EzeScan solutions range from scan only workstations, index only workstations, basic manual data entry to highly automated forms processing systems, all without a per-page scan click charge. Flexible licensing and deployment options are available for centralised and decentralised document scanning solutions.

Modular design

  • EzeScan DM Bundle for Civica Authority Integration
    The EzeScan DM Bundle includes the essential EzeScan modules required to batch scan, power index and upload to supported EDRMS. EzeScan DM Bundle includes EzeScan PRO + INDEX + UPLOAD + BARCODE.
    The EzeScan DM Bundle provides the scanning interface to scan, QA and process batches of documents. The power indexing capabilities guide the operator to input, capture and validate data, database lookup and upload both scanned documents and index data seamlessly into supported EDRMS at speeds previously unattainable. With this configuration you can type in an index value, choose a lookup list value, or capture index values from documents (using the inbuilt OCR module, or optional handwriting, tick box and invoice data capture modules) and then use them to populate respective fields in the supported EDRMS. You also have the choice to reuse fields automatically, or auto populate, saving considerable time not having to reselect the same values. This option provides the fastest and most effective method for profiling batches of documents. Select an EzeScan DM Bundle today, safe in the knowledge that you can add modules for optional data capture technologies at a later time.