We are looking for more partners to help grow our market share in Document Capture & Document Workflow software application markets in Australia/ New Zealand, UK and EEC, USA and Canada.

Membership in the EzeScan Partner Program requires becoming either an Authorised Reseller or Authorised Technology Partner.


At EzeScan we are looking for Resellers that can promote, sell and support our EzeScan Software into their established customer base. A significant pre-requisite to becoming an Authorised Reseller is too already have a large customer base in market verticals that are aligned with the solutions that we offer.

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At EzeScan we are looking for active technology partners. Technology partners that create extra additional value to add to our existing solutions. The technology partner is often an Authorised Reseller of our solutions. They build extra value by utilising our Developer SDK to build integration plugins that allow our solutions to work with other diverse application platforms.

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