For the records professional EzeScan takes the hard work out of capturing your valuable information, accurately and efficiently.

As a batch capture tool, EzeScan can help you capture large volumes of paper based, digital born documents and corporate email. 

With intelligent capture capabilities you can save valuable time and limit unnecessary data entry and manual processing by leveraging your records standards and associated information already in your line of business applications. By simply capturing one piece of information, EzeScan can perform a database lookup to return the rest of the relevant information required to register new records. EzeScan automatically applies taxonomy naming rules and metadata requirements and uploads to the correct location in your EDRMS.  Not only does this make registering records simpler, it also ensures authenticity and accuracy of the record.

  • Batch capture of both hard copy and digital born records
  • Intelligent capture capabilities designed to reduce or eliminate data entry altogether
  • Seamless integration with many popular EDRMS
  • Capture critical information on-the-fly
  • Add business value and initiate intelligent automated processes
  • Accelerate document delivery
  • Minimise manual document handling
  • Ensure digitisations standards compliance
  • Ensure governance and regulatory compliance