City of Darebin tames email with EzeScan Profiler!

The City of Darebin, a local government area in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, has implemented a new capture solution from EzeScan which is integrated with its Local Government property management system and chosen ECM.

After working with a previous capture system that did not deliver the required functionality, the local government authority with over 1300 staff made the switch to EzeScan, with it’s out of the box integrations for both ECM and property management system a major attraction. The solution, which processes incoming correspondence directly into the ECM environment, went into production in five business days

EzeScan’s new Profiler was deployed to standardize all council records and digitization requirements. Essentially, documents are fully classified by EzeScan and users no longer have to do any post-processing tasks in the ECM environment as EzeScan is doing all the heavy lifting and automatically naming files, applying static metadata, triggering workflows, and sending email notifications.

The profiler uses rules that are set up according to customer requirements to streamline the business process. Unified profile configurations allow EzeScan users to capture both hard copy and digital born information including email. Records staff have substantially reduced the time to capture and profile information allowing them to work on more important tasks such as upskilling council users on EDRMS.

EzeScan email records capture module has allowed council to batch process the ever- increasing number of email records in batches in the same way they capture hard copy documents, with the added value of processing attachments as individual records if required.

Angelo Luczek, Coordinator, Corporate Information at the City of Darebin, said, “EzeScan have provided outstanding support, responding quickly and providing assistance without turning every request into a project!

Most EDRMS products have some sort of Outlook integration that allows end users to save and register their selected corporate email into the EDRMS, in our case Objective. Typically, this process relies on the end user registering the email into the correct location in the EDRMS, naming it to comply with our naming convention, classifying the email and applying any other relevant metadata.

On average our Council generic email account receives anywhere between 4,000 to 4,500 emails per month, and previously my team would process these emails one at a time using the native EDRMS integration which is extremely laborious.

Now that we have deployed EzeScan, my team have the ability to batch process multiple documents in EzeScan (Batch Processing). We can now process large volumes of emails in a fraction of the time, which has now provided us with time back to focus on other record-keeping functions in the office.”

Council business units have reported the ECM indexing data they are now receiving from Corporate Information is in the exact format they require and is accurate first time.

The EzeScan Records Capture Module allows emails and their attachments to be batch processed in the same manner scanned or electronic documents. Records administrators can manage the EzeScan PROFILER themselves also saving time and money on organizing for IT/ vendor support.