EzeScan Update

June 2008

Support Update - EzeScan 4.2 now available!

Hello. Welcome to the EzeScan Newsletter! This will be a regular newsletter which will contain information about new features in EzeScan. Please take note of these new features as they could make your EzeScan workflows even simpler! We will also detail important tips in our FAQ knowledge base which can assist you with configuration issues.

Please feel free to contact us if you require any more information on the items below.

Major New Features in EzeScan 4.2

1) SharePoint 2007 Connector

EzeScan now has a SharePoint connector available from the EDRMS output tab or can be used via the KFI and UPLOAD modules. EzeScan has the ability to browse multiple SharePoint document libraries and can upload to custom SharePoint metadata automatically.

2) New UPLOAD Form

The Upload (F8) form has been completely redesigned. This new user friendly look now has options to specify static metadata fields (instead of having to use a custom KFI output), the ability to upload to multiple destinations (i.e. run one upload after another) and an option to do PDF conversions. Now the operator has the opportunity to simply perform scanning and KFI indexing and then the uploading can be scheduled to run at a later time as a separate task.

3) Vista Support

EzeScan now supports the Windows Vista operating system.

New Features in EzeScan 4.2

1) Auto Popup of KFI Browse button

If you use a KFI which has the browse button enabled (i.e. browse TRIM containers, SharePoint folders) there is now a check box on the KFI Processing tab called "Automatically Press F3 if the Browse button has been enabled and the field has not been processed". Once this option is checked the KFI will automatically open the browse screens for you.

2) Activate Add Zone Pen

If scanning an unstructured form with KFI the operator can click the pen button to select an area to OCR. The pen can now be activated by default so the operator simply selects the area and the results will be returned to the KFI screen.

3) EzeScan Job Management

There is two major improvements with Job Management.

  • When importing or exporting a job configuration, EzeScan will now automatically select the respective KFI and UPLOAD.
  • When copying a job, EzeScan will prompt the operator to also copy the respective KFI and UPLOAD. This means that the operator does not need to load the KFI and UPLOAD module to copy them as a separate task.

4) Route Barcode Exceptions

Currently when a barcoded image is imported into EzeScan and the Barcode is not found, EzeScan will pause and wait for the operator to manually correct the issue. There is now a new feature where when a Barcode is not found EzeScan will automatically move the image to an exceptions folder and then load the next image for processing. This means operators running EzeScan in an automated mode are not required to attend the PC to watch for barcode exceptions.

5) Debug Hotkeys

If you are having technical issues with EzeScan there is now an easier way to enable debugging. There are debug hotkeys available to show more detailed information on what could be happening. Having debug information is also useful to pass onto EzeScan support.

  • Use "Ctrl + Alt + D" to enable Debug Mode
  • Use "Ctrl + Alt + L" to enable Debug Mode with file logging. A file debug.log is created in C:\Program Files\Outback Imaging\EzeScan 4.2)

New EDRMS Features in EzeScan 4.2


- Can pass the LDAP credentials to DocuShare so the LDAP login is the owner of the document.
- Ability to keep the last profiled DocuShare handle for use in updating the next scanned image as a new version.


- Option to select files in the Objective File / Folder KFI browse form.
- Addition of a Parent Document to the Objective UPLOAD options. This means if a document has been selected in KFI Processing, the current scanned image will update this document as a new version.
- Addition of Reason for Change to the Object Upload options. This means if a document has been updated with a new version the Objective Reason for Change can be updated by EzeScan.


- New TRIM features - Relate to Container, Redaction of, Associate Relationships (boxes).
- Ability to select a TRIM Workflow. (Ver 6R2)
- Ability to keep the last profiled TRIM Record ID to use in relating or redacting the next scanned image.


- Support for Class and SubClass document types.
- Ability to perform lookups from APS Advance to populate Worksite Client ID's
- Can pass the LDAP credentials to Worksite so the LDAP login is the owner of the document.

Important FAQ's

If you are planing to upgrade to EzeScan 4.2, please spend 5 minutes famliarizing yourself with the FAQs below.

FAQ 84

EzeScan Admin or KFI Form do not load after installing on Vista

FAQ 85

EzeScan Admin or KFI Form do not load after upgrading from EzeScan 4.1 to EzeScan 4.2

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