EzeScan Update

March 2009

Support Update - EzeScan 4.2.25 - Including even more EDRMS connectivity!

Hello! Welcome to the March edition of our Newsletter.

In this edition we talk about our new enhancements applied for Objective, SharePoint and HP TRIM. We would like to thank our customers for their great feedback with their EzeScan implementations. This helps us develop more functionality making life easier for your operators.

Please feel free to contact us if you require any information or an online demonstration of the EzeScan suite and new items listed below.

Latest News

EzeScan has progressed further with its SERVER version and is working with different vendors to improve integration with their Multi Function Devices.

Keep a close eye on the EzeScan YouTube Channel as we will be showing videos using HP, Ricoh & Xerox Multifunction devices scanning into different EzeScan supported EDRMS systems.

EzeScan SERVER is designed as a workgroup solution where an end user can walk up to an MFD, perform some simple indexing and then scan the image. The EZESCAN server will then import, process and store the image to its respective location. Please feel free to contact us to see if EzeScan SERVER can be integrated with your MFD Fleet!

New EDRMS Functonality in EzeScan 4.2.25


- EzeScan has implemented a DocuShare File / Collection Browse form. This will allow a KFI operator to browse the DocuShare tree to select what File / Collection to save the image into. There is also a search screen built into this functionality, this will help customers with large Collection structures as it will eliminate the need to browse multi levels of the tree when they can simply search for there File or Collection instead.


- When uploading an image into Objective, EzeScan will save the image into either a File or Folder. There is now functionality where EzeScan can Create a File or Folder and then save the image into it. For example. If a scanned document had to be stored into a Sub Folder called "City Office 2009" EzeScan will check to see if the folder exists, if it does it will save the image into the folder, if not the Folder will be created (catalogue populated) and then the image will be saved into the newly created folder.

- SSO authentication is now supported with EzeScan EDRMS, KFI and UPLOAD modules.


- EzeScan can interact with SharePoint lookup lists (also known as a menu Field) For Example, if a KFI operator needs to populate a field called "Claim Type" EzeScan will browse to the SharePoint server and return the available Claim Types for this respective field.


- EzeScan will now allow an operator to browse and save a TRIM Retention Schedule on a scanned image. This can be configured to either prompt the operator or can be set as a default value for an EzeScan workflow.

- For those customers using TRIM folders using the numbering system of "GGGGGGGGG" EzeScan can now create a container with the container number specified by an operator. For example in an education environment the Student Number will usually be the container number. When a student record is scanned, EzeScan will check to see if their container exists, if not EzeScan will create the container and number it with the Student ID number automatically.

New Features in EzeScan 4.2.25

Auto Append

- We have found with customers scanning in large documents that we could easily eliminate the step of having to press F2 (or F6) to display the scan form to continue appending to their document.

We have now implemented a feature called "Auto Append" on our scan tab. When a document is scanned, after the enhancements have been applied EzeScan will automatically display the scan form. The operator simply loads the next batch into the feeder and hits the scan button. We have just saved an extra click!

Error Reporting for UPLOAD

- For customers running their uploads as a scheduled task we have included an option to send an Email report of the failed uploads. The operator can then attend to these files after the task is complete.



At the TRIM User Forum, Fabian De Angelis will be speaking and showcasing our PRO and SERVER TRIM integrations., Rhys and Mike will be at Stand No. 1 so please come over and say hello. More information on the TRIM user forum can be found here

New FAQ's

FAQ 93

Why are my Objective Wintalk jobs not saving as PDF?

FAQ 94

Auto Profiling does not work on my Objective Wintalk job

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