EzeScan Update

September 2009

Support Update - EzeScan 4.2.53 - Introduces Shape Recognition and improved Forms data extraction.

Hello ! Welcome to the September edition of our Newsletter.

EzeScan 4.2.53 features new technologies to make form data extraction even more reliable and easier to deploy, run and manage. Outback Imaging has further improved the EDRMS connectors, with more out-of-the-box features in EzeScan Desktop and Server products.

Please feel free to contact us if you require further information on, or would like a demonstration of any of the items below.

Latest News

Form Alignment Using Shape Recognition

EzeScan now has shape recognition in the EzeScan KFI Form Registration detection functions. When working with a form, it is advisable to include in each corner either a black box, angle bracket or plus sign to be used as a form registration point.

When an image is scanned, EzeScan will detect the shapes in the corners and calculate the movement of registration points compared to the original position on the job template. EzeScan then moves the zone on the scanned image to the correct area and extracts the data e.g. printed text, handwritten text or a check box.

Welcome to our new UK customers

It has now been 7 months since we opened our UK office. We'd like to thank our new UK customers for choosing EzeScan for their document scanning and redaction needs.

Welcome to our new Australian Sales Channel Manager

We are pleased to announce that Demos Gougoulas has joined Outback Imaging as our new Australian Sales Channel Manager. Demos has an extensive background in document imaging and document management, combined with over 5 years experience of the EzeScan product suite. Demos will be working closely with Kevin to ensure a smooth handover of sales support for our customers and resellers.

New EDRMS Features in EzeScan 4.2.53


- An FOI workflow for DocuShare is now available. EzeScan can import an image file from DocuShare, allow the operator to perform FOI / Redaction and then upload the document back into DocuShare as a new version.


- The Objective 7.3.3 client has been tested and is supported for both EzeScan Wintalk and KFI / UPLOAD integrations. Please feel free to contact us if you are using Objective with Wintalk and planning to update your client so we can assist with the new configuration setup.


- EzeScan now allows a user to specify a WorkSite document ID (by indexing or a barcode) and can then replace or update the document in WorkSite as a new version. This is useful for documents that may originally have been in Word format, then printed and signed and re-uploaded into WorkSite as a PDF.

New Features in EzeScan 4.2.53


The Discovery module is able to filter a search based on previous KFI field values. For example, EzeScan can search for an ABN then use that ABN to perform a discovery search for only the related invoice numbers that have been retrieved from a database lookup on an external finance system.