EzeScan's UPLOAD Module

The UPLOAD module is an optional module in the EzeScan Suite. It allows EzeScan to upload images to an EDRMS system, ODBC database, FTP server or to send email via SMTP.

EzeScan UPLOAD has been developed as a tool for processing EzeScan KFI output (image and index data) into an EDRMS system, a database or to a SMTP Server. The EzeScan UPLOAD module can also be set to run as a scheduled task (or as a windows service using SERVER ROUTING) to perform OCR PDF conversion and uploading to its respective system. This allows more time for the operator to perform scanning and indexing tasks.

Integrated Connectors

EzeScan provides scanning solutions for the following third party products and transfer methods. Levels of integration may vary dependent on third party system capabilities. Please call to confirm. Some supported systems may require an API toolkit licence, licensed separately from the supported vendor.  Please also call to confirm.

  • Box
  • Civica Authority 7 and above
    • Financials
    • Module (NAR, Property, etc) data linking (for Content Manager Integration)
  • DocuWare 6.X / 5.X
  • FTP, FTPS (FTP with SSL/TLS protocols), SFTP (FTP over SSH)
  • Google Drive
  • HP TRIM Context 7.X / 6.2R2
  • HPE CM 8.X /9.X
  • iManage Work
  • Infor Pathways 3.10 / 3.09 / 3.08/li>
  • InfoRouter 8.X
  • Laserfiche 8.X / 9.X / 10.X
  • M-Files 2015.3 and above
  • Magiq Documents (formally InfoXpert eDRMS)
  • Micro Focus Content Manager 9.X
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Microsoft SharePoint 365 / 2016 / 2013
  • MYOB AccountRight Live 2013.5 or above
  • MYOB AccountRight Classic V19 (Requires MYOB ODBC driver)
  • Objective 10.X / 9.X / 8.X
  • ODBC compliant databases (e.g. Oracle and SQL Server)
  • OpenText Content Suite 16.X / 10.X / 9.7.X
  • OpenText eDOCS DM 10.X / 6.X / 5.X
  • POP3 / SMTP / IMAP
  • Sage 200 2015
  • Sage 300 2014
  • Shexie Medical System 6.1 and above
  • TechnologyOne ECM
    • Ci Anywhere 2019A /2018B
    • ECM 4.03
  • TechnologyOne Financials
    • Ci Anywhere 2019A
    • Ci 11.08 and above
  • Therefore
  • WebDAV compliant systems
  • Xero
  • Xerox DocuShare 7.X / 6.X / 5.X

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Download EzeScan's UPLOAD Module Brochure here.