Using manual paper-based forms can be expensive, difficult to distribute, and drive up operational costs to manage, process and file them.  With EzeScan you can effortlessly transfer your existing labour-intensive paper-based business processes to efficient digital online forms.


EzeScan Digital Forms Automation can help your organisation to say goodbye to the tedious paper forms and improve your overall operational efficiencies.

The web based admin interface makes it easy to create and manage web forms (such as applications, surveys, multi-choice exams and customer feedback forms to name but a few) by simply adding the required forms objects to the web page (e.g. radio buttons, tick boxes, list boxes, lookups, grids or images). Web forms can be accessed either internally on a company intranet or externally via the internet.

Captured information can be validated in real time with static metadata applied automatically. For every digital form submitted, the EzeScan WebApps Server can generate an XML file containing the captured data and optionally render the web form as digital asset (PDF) and automatically name and file this correctly into your EDRMS.

For supported EDRMS EzeScan can also satisfy all your compliance and governance requirements or automatically trigger workflows delivering even greater business process automation.