Automate Your Gift Transaction Processing with EzeScan!

Key business KPI’s for all fundraising organisations are increased efficiency, donor interaction and donations, all of which take time.

With EzeScan’s The Raiser’s Edge integration, you can reduce the amount of time and cost to process donations. EzeScan delivers the fastest, most cost-effective method available to seamlessly and accurately capture both hard copy and electronic remittances into your donation and gift processing workflows. Ultimately giving your organisation more time to focus on raising funds rather than processing them.


  • Reduce the amount of time and cost to process donations
  • Effortlessly capture your gift data
  • Create batches from scanned check, donation slips, web donations and emails
  • Apply processing validation rules e.g. valid constituent, valid credit card number
  • Tokenise and securely capture credit card numbers
  • Quickly add new constituents on the fly
  • Automatically attach a redacted PDF copy of the gift documentation to the gift or constituent record in RE NXT
  • Get your donations into RE NXT faster

How it Works

Effortlessly capture your donations

Scan your donations (pledges and gifts) using EzeScan’s professional production batch scanning capabilities or import from a folder or direct from an email account. Save and reuse your scan job workflows including your digitisation standards and selected image enhancements. Numerous output image formats can be selected including TIF and text searchable PDF, PDF/A. EzeScan provides support for a large range of scanner hardware including multifunction devices. Scan and process as many remittance slips as you want without any volume based restrictions!

EzeScan Pro Workstation-01.png
EzeScan Pro Workstation-01.png

Automate your donating processing and reduce data entry

Let EzeScan capture your selected donation data values from all your remittance slips and checks using built-in recognition technology and lookup capabilities. These values can be validated against your fundraising system to ensure data integrity is maintained and errors are flagged. If required an operator can effortlessly correct any errors on the fly. EzeScan provides automated scanning, image enhancement, data capture, validation and upload including your web based donations. By limiting the number of keystrokes or eliminating them altogether, EzeScan can deliver impressive productivity gains.

Integrate with Raiser's Edge

EzeScan provides ‘out of the box’ native integration with The Raiser’s Edge. With a highly configurable interface, EzeScan provides rapid deployment measured in days, not months, eliminating the need for expensive and time consuming custom scripting or programming services.

EzeScan Pro Workstation-01.png

Deployment Options

Depending on your invoice volumes and the level of automation you require, EzeScan can be deployed as a Workstation solution, Server solution or a combination of both. Flexible licensing options are available to facilitate segmented workflows. These include scan workstations, automated data validation server and indexing workstations. Options include named or concurrent licences for both scan and indexing/validation workstations.

EzeScan Pro Workstation-01.png

EzeScan Pro Workstation

Scan/import with validation
EzeScan Server.png


Automated Invoice Processing