This list lets our customers, resellers and distributors quickly see if an application enhancement or issue has already been implemented or resolved.

You can find your current EzeScan version by going to the Help->About menu item in EzeScan. Once you know the version number (e.g. 5.0.0) then scroll down this list until you reach your version.

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  1. The .NET Framework 4.8 is required to to install 5.0.0 and above

EzeScan 5.0.11

Released - 15/09/2020


  1. [51026] Line Items - Output data aggregation
  2. [50551] Blackbaud Payments - KFI browse integration
  3. [51159] Microsoft Office 365 Outlook - Custom registration single and multi tenant support
  4. [51029] Raisers Edge NXT - Ability to create a new batch and save gifts to existing batches
  5. [51030] Raisers Edge NXT - Upload an attachment to an existing gift
  6. [51239] Raisers Edge NXT - Account Token added to Gift upload payment fields


  1. [51186] Jobs - Import connector profile settings are reset when switching between profiles
  2. [51216] Jobs - Output Original Document is only outputting a tif file
  3. [51256] Upload - Incorrect names are shown for system placeholder columns when KFI uses default CSV format
  4. [50758] iManage Cloud - Error appearing when browsing for an iManage user
  5. [51109] SharePoint 2013 & 2016 - Claims Login Dialog is crashing with resource not found error
  6. [51261] Raisers Edge NXT - Unable to browse a KFI Lookup for a field value

EzeScan 5.0.10

Released - 01/09/2020


  1. [49271] Routing - Error file naming options for the catch all exception handler
  2. [50682] Discovery - TFN validation
  3. [51043] StrataMax - Buildings can be quieried in KFI


  1. [51069] Routing - Exception rules are being removed when saving a Folder mode Route
  2. [51051] Routing - Integration and email outputs fail when sending documents to error rules/folders
  3. [51046] Integrations - Lookups are failing with cross thread exception
  4. [51058] Integrations - The internal integrations are not being loaded

EzeScan 5.0.9

Released - 28/08/2020

  • New x64 installer available (note: make sure your scanner¬†and integration endpoints support this platform)
  • New main viewer screen with refreshed icons
  • Improved batch scanning peformance
  • Customisable thumbnail sizing and adjusting
  • New keep scan batch function
  • Refreshed admin jobs and button interface
  • Resizable KFI indexing screen
  • IDR no longer available in jobs, IDR to be performed in Routing module