Smith Family says goodbye to paper forms and hello to $120,000!

Smith Family

The Smith Family is an independent children’s charity helping disadvantaged Australian children to get the most out of their education. They run a sponsorship program that allows donors to write letters to the students they are supporting. Donors can send them a voucher or a gift for their birthday or for Christmas that we’ll pass on to the student.

With the help of EzeScan, The Smith Family has boosted donations and improved donor engagement whilst saving 1,600 hours in staff time each year. Here’s how they did it...

Manually managing paper forms and donor letters is a time-consuming chore that is costly and error prone. The Smith Family had to open all the forms and photocopy each one of them, then remove the credit card details off the photocopies and wrap them back up with the original card. Another issue was rejected payments as supporters had to log in to update their payment details.
The Smith Family implemented an EzeScan document digitisation and processing solution. They also adopted EzeScan’s Web Apps tool, which allows supporters to click a unique link to update their details online without needing a password. EzeScan’s EzePayment gateway also meant credit card data is tokenised and stored by the merchant vault so that no credit card data is stored locally.
The Smith Family saved around 450 hours each year in managing donations and an additional 580 hours on processing correspondence. With the implementation of EzeScan’s WebApps tool, A lot more people are updating their details which has freed up around 300 staff hours each year that would have otherwise been wasted chasing supporters, while securing approximately $60,000 in otherwise lost revenue. They also saved 55 hours in processing time by using EzeScan Digital Forms for its Christmas gifts, which has resulted in $48,000 in gross revenue and a 30% uptake in form completion.
“That’s a huge saving on resourcing, volunteer hours, paid staff costs and enables us to focus on doing other work.” - Suzanne Hilellis, Product Owner of Supporter Squad at The Smith Family