Please note: Applies to EzeScan 4.1 only.

  1. Make sure you are installing EzeScan 4.1.38 or higher.
  2. Login as Administrator before you install EzeScan. You might need to enable the Administrator account first in Control Panel-.Administrator Tools->Computer Management->Users.
  3. Download the Ezescan 4.1.X MSI installer from the website Downloads->Application Installers area (not the NON MSI Installer which is used for XP).
  4. The MSI Installer will correctly install all of the EzeScan Program files and dlls. However If you used the NON MSI installer by mistake, then you may need to manually register the following dlls from a cmd shell.
  5. cd \windows\system32

    regsvr32 PegasusImaging.ActiveX.BarcodeXpress5.dll

    regsvr32 PegasusImaging.ActiveX.SSXBC4.dll

    regsvr32 PegasusImaging.ActiveX.ScanFix5.dll

    regsvr32 PegasusImaging.ActiveX.OcrXpress1.dll

    These dll's should all successfully register.

  6. Download the latest EzeScan 4.1.Y Exe Update. Unzip the patch update file, and extract the EzeScan.exe and overwrite the existing file in c:\program files\outback imaging\ezescan directory.
  7. Run ezescan and use the Admin->Licensing form to Import the supplied license file (it will have a .lic file extension).
  8. Run EzeScan and make sure that any of your jobs that might use BCR, ICR, OCR work properly.
  9. Logout as Administrator
  10. Login as your operator login.
  11. Run EzeScan and run any of your jobs that might use BCR, ICR, OCR to make sure they are still working properly.
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