City of Kingston finds form with EzeScan!

City of Kingston

The local government authority is based in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. A population of about 165,000, and about 85,000 properties that are serviced every day.

With the help of an EzeScan automated web form capture solution, the local government authority has eliminated time-consuming data entry and data transposing to enable them to focus their expertise on more valuable areas.

Forms for customers were PDF attachments on the website. Customers had to print off, handwrite information and then resubmit. Issues with quality of handwriting, where forms were being returned to, and the time to manually input data into the system were concerning. Due to variations in forms and lack of control requirements the Council could not realise any second value usage from the data.
A solution was needed to standardise form and have them delivered through a single inbox process to ensure all information was captured and recorded. EzeScan implemented a code identifier into their web forms which allowed the council to manage how data was saved, the workflow process and correctly title the data into Micro Focus Content Manager.
Better customer service. Increased accuracy of data. Record staff are now able to focus on their area of expertise rather than transposing names and addresses from a form into a content management system.
“It’s been a really successful program for us. We’ve now got over 40 online forms live and automated and that’s growing all the time. The beauty of all this is that it happens behind the scenes.” Chris Vincent, Team Leader Corporate Information at City of Kingston